clickTributes isn’t afraid to work hard for you

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re clickTributes, and we’ve been working with a select group of licensed directors for over fourteen years. We develop custom funeral business websites that build brand awareness and engage prospects in ways that make your phone ring.

We know how busy you can sometimes get! That’s why our smart marketing solutions work hard for you 24/7. Our website features can make your life easier, with smart funeral business solutions that create more and better revenue, while saving you valuable time.


Responsive Website Designs

Websites optimized for all device types and sizes.


Integrated Content Management

Mange website and tribute content in one integrated system.


Social Media Marketing

Automated one-click Facebook marketing integration.


Video & Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing videos and automated streaming broadcast screen

Give us a look – or a second one.
We’re not afraid to work hard for you.

We asked funeral industry professionals “What is the best way for you to discover exciting new business features to transform the online components of your business?”

We learned that you want a visual, interactive experience you can review and access at your leisure, without the hassle of outside distractions and sales people.

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