We’ve been listening to Canadian Funeral Directors for more than 14 years.  Armed with this shared knowledge clickTributes develops stunning, mobile friendly, interactive websites that not only look amazing, but are proven to speak to your target audience in ways that make your business thrive and grow.

And, here’s the thing…. over 85% of consumers search online for local business. The leading edge of the “baby boom” cohort (those born 1946-1964 – your target market) view the most content and spend the most time online.

We take your success seriously, and it shows in our client rankings for satisfaction, responsiveness, value and overall performance.

You’ve promised your customers… clickTributes will help you deliver.

How do prospects

in your community view

your business when they

see it online?

"We are so proud to be part of the clickTributes family because you and your staff treat us as one of your own.  You gave us complete control over what we have on the site, and the public response has been far more than we ever expected.  The ideas and suggestions you gave us have increased our business HUGELY!!!  We have been chosen by many families because they saw the website, and they LOVED how easy it was for them to use.  We do to!   It's the most complete funeral business site in our area, nothing has been left undone.  I can't thank you enough for its live streaming capabilities and your outstanding customer service. We are the only funeral provider in our area able to live stream and the response is fantastic!"
- Eric Toneff Owner, Funeral Director

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