We’ve been listening to licensed Canadian Funeral Directors for more than 14 years.  Armed with this shared knowledge we develop stunning, interactive websites that look amazing on any screen or device and speak to your target audience.

But, here’s the thing…. more than 85% of consumers search online for local business. The leading edge of the “baby boom” cohort (those born 1946-1964 – your target market) view the most content: spend the most time online; and connect with high speed internet.

How do you think

they view your business

when they search for

a funeral provider?

"When I started talking to you about clickTributes, I said it had to be simple to work with and you delivered. clickTributes is simple, simple, simple to work with and I'm impressed with the positive feed back we are getting from people in the community!  I like the analytics that show how many people are visiting the site and what pages."
- Patrick Gisle Owner, Funeral Director

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