Isadora Digital Media notes that “Studies show the attention span for millennials
is 60% shorter than previous generations. That’s no surprise since endless entertainment options from smart phones to tablets to television have been with them since birth. And it’s not only millennials that have been affected by digital technology. Since the year 2000, the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds down to 8
(for reference the average attention span for a goldfish is 9 seconds).”

These days, over 85% of consumers search online for local businesses. But, the leading edge of the “baby boom” generation
(those born 1946-1964 and who turned 70 in 2016 ) view the most content; spend the most time online;
and get connected with high speed Internet access.


How do prospects view
your business when they
search for a funeral
provider in your
town or city?

"I got started with clickTributes on the recommendation of a colleague.  clickTributes is real easy to use and the guys are great to work with -- professional yet relaxed.  When I need help, which isn't often, they are ready and willing to help. We get it, and so do our clients.... some families have been getting tributes from people their loved one knew many years ago.  I couldn't be more pleased."
- Lorraine Flint General Manager, Funeral Director

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