People are no longer just desktop or laptop users! So, it’s important that websites scale to smart phones and tablets to connect people on the move

Grow your business and thrive.

Provide an exceptional online experience to the families you serve.
  • Responsive design looks great no matter the device or screen size and provides hassle-free user experience
  • 65% of total internet time is spent on mobile devices
  • Google officially recommends responsive websites as best practice
  • People leave websites that don’t display well on mobile devices, pushing up bounce rate
  • To Google, high bounce rates indicate that a site isn’t relevant
  • 80% of social media takes place on mobile devices
  • Speed is important online: desktop-only websites often load slower on mobile devices. So, potential customers won’t have the patience to wait around and may seek out your competition instead
  • Provides for future scalability (to newer devices and screens) and are relevant for longer time
  • Conversion rates will increase and your families and prospects will have a better opinion of your brand when you offer them a great mobile experience


Enhance brand value.

Custom content, stunning imagery, interactive media, calls to action, videos & forms.
  • Save valuable time and money with automated website calls to action
  • Visitors love websites that are easy to use on all devices, intuitive and simple to navigate
  • Absolutely amazing interactive tribute platform that is fast and simple for your team to work with
  • Educates visitors on the value of funeral ceremony
  • Demonstrates that funeral service is for family and friends to say goodbye
  • Interactive tools celebrate a life and preserve relationships with shared stories and memories
  • Supports client families on the grief-healing journey
  • Creates seamless touch-points that nurture connections with prospects and your business
  • Differentiates business from the competition in your market

To serve you better, we keep your site
up-to-date so you can focus on helping people through the most
difficult time of their life.